Testimonials about Heal Your Own Pain



From S____


"I really lack sufficient words to express my gratitude, amazement and love for your work. I have had chronic back pain for almost 5 years now. I've gone to chiropractors, taken medication, exercised, lost weight, had many physician consultations and was considering a breast reduction... everything I could think of and was instructed to do to eliminate this constant pain. Some of the things I tried would temporarily make me feel better sometimes, but the pain was always there.

I'm on a spiritual journey and was in meditation asking for answers about my back pain and was led to your book. Your book has helped change my life! I followed what you said and had to go through some emotional releases in two areas of my life. The first time I had a release my lower back pain was gone, but I still felt pain in my upper back. It took me two days to get to the root cause of the second source of pain, but I found and released it. The pain of both of those things in my life that I'd suppressed for so long are no longer with me, and they took my back pain with them. I wake up every morning filled with such gratitude, peace and love and you have played a role in that. I can't remember the last time I've been without this back pain. I do know that since I read your book and released my pain, 5 days ago, I have been pain free. Love, happiness, and peace to you, my friend. Thank you."



From R____, a participant in the Heal Your Own Pain Program at Logan Hyperdome Chiropractic Centre


"Thank you for your Heal Your Own Pain program. I have attended all the sessions and had great results on the pain and discomforts I had or have. My neck is better on the right side, where it was hurt recently. With John's adjustments and this emotional work it will stay well. Some of the problems are still there or partly gone, but the information and the tools (emotions) I learned will help me to work on them.


I noticed how others in the group also were opening to feeling their emotions. Still it's ongoing work, but once we are aware of our emotions it will be easier to do something about. I think that the monthly session would be a benefit for many of us, and may encourage more people to join us. I will follow up on your future reports Luli, great work!

Thank you again."



From P_____


"I'm writing to thank you for the Heal Your Own Pain book.


I have a frozen shoulder and have had pain and stiffness for about a year now. Obviously I've been very resistant to feeling the causes. Just in the past two days I began to become more willing. This morning I downloaded your book and read it and answered the questions and prayed. Within an hour my pain reduced from what I would call 8 out of 10 to about 1, and later in the day it went to zero. At this moment I have no pain at all. This is the first time in many months that I have not had pain in the shoulder.


In addition, by answering the questions I feel I discovered the emotional cause and came to understand my blocks and reasons for avoidance better - truths about myself that will help me as I work through other emotional injuries as well as this one.


I had not really had faith that feeling my suppressed emotions would relieve the pain, and now I have first-hand experience that it does. I haven't even felt the causes yet (I know the pain will probably come back until I do).


Thank you so much, Luli. Your book helped me put the principles of emotional processing into practice, and the results have already been amazing. This is only Day 1 and I am excited to see what will happen as I continue to work through this issue. I will take notes and let you know how it goes."