This page gives links to books, videos and websites that examine the effects of emotions on physical health, and describe research into spiritual matters. More information on these topics is constantly being added and updated on my blog.

Heal Your Own Pain on YouTube


View videos and audio files of presentations given on Heal Your Own Pain.

Interesting sites and books about the link between emotions and health

Dr John Sarno​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A website about a doctor in the USA who has treated and cured pain in thousands of patients by helping them identify the emotional causes, including the books that describe Dr Sarno's and others' research and medical practice;

"Healing Back Pain"

"The Mind Body Prescription"

"The Divided Mind"

Eleven news (USA) story on Dr John Sarno here
Howard Stern (USA) radio interview here
Health talk (USA) interview with John Sarno on healing back pain Part 1 Part 2

Dr Howard Schubiner’s Mind Body Program

​A website and information about a doctor in the USA who also treats patients with pain by helping them identify the emotional causes

YouTube presentation on the brain, emotions and physical pain here

Dr Lissa Rankin - "Mind over Medicine"

A book describing evidence for how our beliefs affect our health, including examples of the placebo and nocebo effect

Dr Candace Pert - "Molecules of Emotion"

A book describing the neurotransmitters released in the body during different emotional experiences

Annette Noontil - "The Body is the Barometer of the Soul"

A book listing the emotions that underlie different physical ailments. Please note this book is not 100% accurate


German New Medicine

A site dedicated to research about the emotional causes of cancer

Interesting sites and books about science and spirituality

Dr Bruce Lipton​​​ - "The Biology of Belief"

A book describing how the environment of our cells is as important as our genes in shaping our cell function

​​Gregg Braden - "The Divine Matrix"

A book describing how our beliefs create our reality through quantum physics

Presentation on "The Divine Matrix" by Greg Braden can be viewed here


Research showing the effects of emotions on DNA

Dr Gary Schwartz - "The G.O.D. Experiments"

A book showing evidence for organised design in the Universe

Dr Eben Alexander - "Proof of Heaven"

A book describing a neurosurgeon's near death experience

Dr Andrew Newberg
Neuroscience research and books into the effects of meditation and prayer on the brain including;

​"Born To Believe" - Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman

"How God Changes Your Brain" - Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman

"Why God Won't Go Away" - Andrew Newberg, Eugene D'Aquili and Vince Rause


James Austin - "Zen and the Brain"

A book describing how meditation and spiritual practices affect the brain


Mario Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary - "The Spiritual Brain"

A book describing the effects of prayer on the brain

Professor Richard Davidson

​Neuroscience research on the effects of Buddhist meditation on the brain and brain function​

Thunderbolts of the Gods, The Electric Universe Theory

Interesting documentary about an alternative explanation for the physics of the Universe


"Prove God exists after this video"

An excellent, comprehensive documentary describing the scientific evidence for intelligent design, and therefore for God, in the Universe

Other useful sites

Smashwords (free ebook publication)


Calibre (free ebook production)