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I run an independent psychophysiology laboratory that studies the effects of emotions and spiritual practices on the brain, the body and the environment, through measurements of brain activity through EEG, muscle activity through EMG, physiological arousal through skin conductance, heart activity through ECG, body temperature and respiration.

​Findings from my research can be found on this section of my blog: Research

The ANT Neuro EEG Sports 32 Pro system used in my lab for recording real time brain functioning, allowing the measurement of brain activity, for example during the experience of different emotions, together with physiological measurements in the body.

My research interests are in the following main areas:

What are the effects of suppressed emotions on mental and physical health?

At present there is a growing body of evidence for the link between suppressing negative emotions and health problems, but this link is still yet to be widely implemented by Western medicine as a potential treatment for health problems. This is despite a large amount of anecdotal evidence, as well as some scientific evidence, for the effectiveness of emotional release in alleviating physical and emotional health problems.


Some of that evidence is described in articles on my blog, for example here: Pain, here: Illness and here: Pain.

More scientific research is required in order to understand the link between emotions and health, to further this potential method of treatment, which could help people heal their health problems permanently, for free, and in a drug-free manner.


Scientific research has the potential of identifying specific painful emotions that are linked to specific physical and emotional ailments, which could revolutionise the way that illness is treated.

​This research is being carried out in part through collaborations with the health practitioners on this page.

What are the effects of emotions on other people and the environment?

Scientific research is needed to examine the effects of emotions on the environment, including other people, to investigate the inter-connected nature of us with each other and the planet.

There has been some research carried out into this, some of which can be found on my blog here: into the Non-Material


Further evidence of the power of emotions could potentially dramatically change how we deal with emotions, such as demonstrating the negative impact of modern society's tendency to suppress emotions.

How does spiritual growth affect the brain, our health, and others?


The effects of spiritual growth on our bodies, brains, overall health and other people have yet to be examined in much depth.


Only recently have the beneficial effects of meditation begun to be shown, but this has yet to be investigated thoroughly in other forms of spiritual practice, for example through the development of a close personal relationship with God, which many believe is the most powerful form of spiritual growth. Do spiritual practices that lead to feeling more love and compassion each day change the brain and physiological functioning? And if so, how?

Some of the previous research into spiritual practices can be found on my blog here: and Spirit Body


If science can show the importance of spiritual growth on our lives and on others, this has the potential to shift the focus of the planet towards more altruism, benefiting the lives of everyone.

Is there life after death?

There is some scientific evidence that life continues after death; this primarily stems from near death experiences. If science is able to ascertain whether life continues after death, this could have an enormous impact on the way people live their lives, as well as alleviating the suffering that people experience through bereavement of loved ones.

Potentially it could also change the way that many mental illnesses are treated, since it's possible that some mental illnesses arise through interactions with people who have passed.

Previous research into this area is described on my blog here: after Death

Donations towards this research would be gratefully received.


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