• Luli Faber

Recovering from Loss and Trauma

The following videos are a series of webinar interviews between Dr Rick Hanson, a psychologist who is a senior fellow at the Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkley, and Dr Peter Levine, a psychotherapist who has found that, since treating patients since the 1960s, trauma can be recovered from entirely by re-experiencing the events in the body. In other words, playing out the emotional experience physically.

Dr Levine talks about his success in treating patients in this way, and the psychological benefits that come as a result of this.

The videos are part of an online summit into emotional resilience, run by Dr Rick Hanson, which can be found here: http://www.rickhanson.net/resilience-summit/resilience-day-4/

Part 1: Meet Peter Levine, Ph.D.
Part 2: Trauma

Part 3: Pathways to Healing Trauma

Part 4: Transforming Trauma into Resilience

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