• Luli Faber

Giving a Voice to Nature: A Global Network for Monitoring Tree Potentials

This is a webinar by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., an executive scientist at the HeartMath institute, in which he discussed what he and his staff had learned thus far while monitoring the tree potentials of oak and redwood trees in a Northern California forest area.

This is part of a larger study examining how human emotions affect trees, and conversely how trees affect humans, and it follows on from the previous research that the HeartMath Institute have carried out into the bioenergetic field created by the human heart, and how emotions that are carried in this field affect other people.

You can read about their previous research in their book, "The Science of the Heart".

You can also learn about their research in this blog post: www.healyourownpain.com/single-post/2016/08/20/The-Science-of-the-Heart

In the webinar Dr McCraty also shared about the history of tree potentials research, how trees may predict earthquakes.