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Gary Schwartz: The Five Finger Test for Extraordinary Evidence

This is another video from the open sciences website (this site is a treasure trove for me!). This one is by Dr Gary Schwarz, outlining some of the evidence for consciousness existing outside the brain.

He provides the rationale that the brain could be a receiver for consciousness, rather than the generator, just like a television set.

Neuroscientists have reached the conclusion that the brain creates consciousness because they have seen a correlation between brain activity and conscious experience; they have shown that stimulation of the brain can change the conscious experience; and that ablation of part of the brain can alter conscious experience.

However, the same three points - correlation, stimulation and ablation - also interfere with the picture that is displayed on a television set, when the electrical parts are manipulated. And yet we know that televisions are receivers, not generators of information.

The screen capture from his presentation illustrates this logic:

Gary Schwartz also mentions mediumship experiments that have been carried out, giving further evidence to the notion that consciousness exists beyond the brain and beyond death.

The pdf of the full paper of the mediumship study that Gary Schwartz refers to in his talk, Beischel & Schwartz (2007) "Anomalous information reception by research mediums demonstrated using a novel triple-blind protocol", published in the journal Explore, can be downloaded here.

This evidence is provided within a backdrop of discussing the approach that is required to study non-materialistic phenomena scientifically, with an open but skeptical mind. In this vein Dr Schwartz outlines the stages required to let go of old beliefs, and take on new beliefs (shown in the screen capture below).

What I love about this list is that it applies to every belief in our life - not just how we feel about a given scientific principle. This is the process we need to go through to change all of our erroneous emotional beliefs, such as how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to others... I love how God's Truth is consistent, no matter what level you look at it.

Here's the whole video, entitled "Gary Schwartz: The Five-Finger Test for Extraordinary Evidence":

The video is taken from: http://www.opensciences.org/videos/philosophy-and-theory/gary-schwartz-the-five-finger-test-for-extraordinary-evidence

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