• Luli Faber

God and the Brain

Dr Mario Beauregard, author of "The Spiritual Brain", describes in these two videos some of the neuroscientific research that has been done by himself and others into the effects of spiritual experiences in the brain, near death experiences, the placebo effect, and psychoneuroimmunology. The latter is an area of research showing how the brain affects our body through the immune system as well as the endocrine and other bodily systems, and was founded by Dr Candace Pert, who described her journey discovering this science in her book "Molecules of Emotion". It's a possible mechanism through which our thoughts and feelings can affect our health.

The videos are really good overview of the research, and Mario Beauregard explains things extremely clearly. While I don't agree with all of his spiritual beliefs, I think his approach to science is an inspiration.

It's also a bit of a pity the videos are covered with so much text, but you get used to it!

God and the brain, part 1.

God and the Brain, part 2.

Obtained from: http://www.opensciences.org/videos/consciousness-studies/mario-beauregard-god-and-the-brain

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