• Luli Faber

Consciousness and the quantum

New experiments performed by Dr Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (http://noetic.org/) have re-examined the double slit experiments, looking at how consciousness affects matter.

The original double slit experiments were physics experiments performed over a hundred years ago (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment) that showed that photons, which are individual light particles, can behave as a wave or a particle, depending upon whether the experimenter observed the experiment.

When the experimenter did not observe the experiment, beams of photons passed through two tiny slits in a wave like pattern, but when the experimenter observed the experiment, the photons passed through as if particles.

This experiment is evidence for consciousness affecting matter at the quantum level, but it has been unclear which aspect of the experimenter was exerting an effect on the quantum particles. Was it their physical presence, for example, or was it the fact that they were directing attention towards the experiment, mediated by their thoughts?

In the recent experiments by Dean Radin, he has shown that it is the thoughts that impact on the quantum particles, and he used a highly controlled rigorous scientific paradigm to determine this. This is outlined in the video below, which I highly recommend. I found it fascinating and exciting.


You cn find more information here: http://noetic.org/blog/communications-team/consciousness-and-quantum

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