• Luli Faber

Healing Through the Dark Emotions

This is an EXCELLENT book. I really recommend it for anyone who wants to explore their emotions more deeply.

In it, Miriam Greenspan, who is a psychotherapist, describes the lessons we can learn from allowing our emotions to be present and flow through us, without us trying to change or force them.

She draws on her own experiences as the daughter of Jewish holocaust survivors from World War Two, the mother of a son who died when only six weeks old, and the mother of a daughter who has physical disabilities, as well as her dealings with many clients.

She discusses the power of working through grief, fear and despair, the truths it teaches us, and the benefits it has on our lives. She also discusses the emotions of the world, and the inter-connectedness of all of us and our emotions, and the emotions we need to face and feel collectively if it's going to become a better place.

It's full of wisdom and advice about how to allow emotions, allowing the feeling and experiencing of them.

It certainly has helped me understand things on a new level.


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