• Luli Faber

Pain, Pleasure and My Will

This is a video of a presentation by Jesus (AJ Miller), describing how we create our own pain through the use of our will out of harmony with love (which is sin). This applies to both physical and emotional pain.

"The true cause of pain is:

Having inside of myself (my soul) the desire, aspiration or intent to sin, or;

Using my will out of harmony with God's definition of Love, or;

Using my will to break God's Loving Laws"

The YouTube description is as follows;

"Jesus talks about gaining a soul based understanding of the true causes of pleasure and pain, the true causes of sin, and the results of sin. He encourages us to be sensitive to the true cost of using our will unlovingly. "Topics include; how I do not understand the true causes of my own pain and suffering, how most often my definition of love is God's definition of sin, how real progress requires the awakening to sin and the pain and suffering it causes, how real happiness requires no sin and a will used in harmony with love along with a relationship with God, the true cause of pain and suffering, the true cause of pleasure and happiness, the importance of developing my will to love, what a soul based understanding of using my will looks like, and the relationship between these topics and the future presentations in the 'Education In Love' series of assistance groups."

And you can download the outline of the talk here.


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