• Luli Faber

The Prayer for Divine Love

The most rapid way to heal is to long for God for some of His/Her Love.

Even if you're an atheist you can try this experiment - I was an atheist, and I tried it, and after that moment I knew for certain, in a unshakable and absolutely certain way, that God exists.

God's Love will transform our soul and can help us eradicate our pain and suffering. Prayer needs to be sincerely felt, emotionally, in order to be heard. It will change us into happier and more loving individuals.

This is a video of the Prayer for Divine Love given by Jesus (AJ Miller).

It is full of the truth about God and the truth about us.

YouTube description: "This is the only prayer that man need offer to God. Suggested by Jesus who is on earth right now. God is offering His children His Love for anyone who desires it. All we need to do is sincerely long for God's Love from our heart. It is the feeling behind the words that reach God."

For more information go to www.divinetruth.com.au


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