• Luli Faber

How chronic stress affects your brain

Stress doesn't just affect our brains, but it affects every physiological function in our body. Stress results from the suppression of fear and grief, and our suppressed painful emotions are the cause of all mental and physical pain.

Stress also impacts future generations, as a stressful mother (rodent, described in this video) can impact how the offspring, and their offspring as well, are able to cope with stressful situations, through modulation of their genes (through epigenetics).

Rather than using exercise or mediation to alleviate stress, as suggested in this video, I suggest the best way to get rid of stress is to release the supression of fear and grief, by experiencing them, because this eradicates the cause of stress forever. It also prevents it from being passed down to the next generation.

Often just a twenty minute cry that releases some causal grief can eradicate stress that we've been living in for a year or more.


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