• Luli Faber

This is what prolonged stress is doing to your body

What do you do when you're stressed? Do you grab the nearest chocolate bar, glass of whiskey, cute guy/girl to drown your worries with? Or do you go for a more healthy approach and go for a walk or a run? Whatever your method, you're reacting this way because you know are stressed and you need to relieve it in some way.

In yet another amazing video by Ted-Ed we see exactly how many dangers there are connected with stress. Besides the ever expanding waistline, hair loss, heartburn, being more susceptible to disease and heart problems it also damages your brain and changes many of your organs and cells.

Check out the video by Ted-Ed to see exactly what stress does to your body and how. Also check out this post on how to relieve stress or this post on how to make (short term) stress your friend.

By Desiree LinssenOn 24 Oct 2015

Copied from: http://www.sciencedump.com/content/what-prolonged-stress-doing-your-body

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