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Suppression of different emotions creates different physical ailments

An excerpt from an FAQ with AJ Miller (Jesus) called "How do I deal with fear while going through physical pain?", describing how suppression of different emotions creates pain in different parts of the body:

"Jesus: If we've got pain, it's already telling us, if we reflect back to “How the Human Soul Functions”, that we don't understand suppression and that we don't understand resistance. That there is some kind of preclusive emotion inside of our soul, which we are in complete denial of, that we've suppressed and resisted completely, which is causing our body now to respond to the suppression of that particular emotion. Usually it is very much related to the location of the pain in the body. In the case of a woman with her period it's located in the sexual organs.

Mary: The reproductive organs.

Jesus: The reproductive organs of the woman. The pain is a suppression of an emotion relating to sexuality or reproduction. It's got to be, otherwise the pain would be somewhere else. There'd be pain maybe in their tummy or something like that.

If you are suppressing large amounts of fear you will often have pain in the upper part of your abdomen around your gall bladder, those kinds of issues. If you are suppressing rage you will often have kidney, liver-based issues that cause the suppression of pain. If you are suppressing the emotion of worth, low self worth, you will often have pain in your lower back and your back will have problems. If you are suppressing emotion relating to responsibility you will often have pain in your shoulders. If it's your left shoulder it will be towards woman, if it's your right shoulder it will be towards men.

We could go on and on and on about what body area you are going to have pain in if you suppress emotion, but if we understand the general principle, if I suppress emotion it will result in pain. This is a fact and we need to have faith in that fact."

20140416 Emotions S01Q01How do I deal with fear while going through physical pain?

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