How to donate

Donations for the material on this website

All of the information given on this site is a gift for free.


My philosophy is that every person on the planet should be able to live without any physical or emotional pain, no matter what society they live in and what their income is.


That is why my ebooks are free for anyone to download and the online Heal Your Own Pain programs are free.

​If you wish to express your thanks for the material on this site, you can do so in the following ways;


  • Via a direct transfer into my bank account. The details are as follows:

  • Account Name: Louise Faber

  • Bank: Credit Union Australia​

  • Account number: 30630981 ​

  • BSB number: 814-282

Donations towards scientific research


I am carrying out scientific research into the link between suppressed emotions and mental and physical health, the effect of emotions on the environment, the effect of spiritual practices and spiritual growth on your brain and health, and experiments into whether life continues after death.


The aim is to create better treatments for mental and physical health problems, which are permanent cures and free of charge. The aim is also to increase knowledge and understanding in the world about the power of emotions, the inter-connected nature of people and the environment, and the personal and universal benefits of spiritual growth.


This research is personally funded, and I am receiving no income for it.

More details about the research can be found here.


If you would like to donate towards this research, your donations will be gratefully received, and will go towards the following expenses:


  • Costs of disposables used in the experiments e.g. electrodes, EEG gel, alcohol wipes, syringes, needles (approx $10 per participant; approx 15-20 participants required per experiment)

  • Ongoing software costs for preparing and performing experiments, and analysis of data (approx $500 per year)

  • Costs for creation of a custom designed laboratory ($15,000)

  • Costs for disseminating research (at least approx $200 per year)

  • Costs for equipment that requires regular replacement e.g. EEG caps (approx $2000 per cap)

  • Costs for maintenance and replacement of computing and equipment hardware for the experiments ($40,000-$100,000)

  • Costs for other materials for experiments e.g. plants (approx $300)

  • Costs for genetic analysis (approx $1,500 per participant for full analysis; $100 for partial analysis)

  • Costs for soil analysis

If you like you can specify which of the above the donations will go to.


Donations can be made in the same way as above i.e. through PayPal or direct bank transfer.