Divine Truth

Most of the spiritual aspects in Heal Your Own Pain and Heal Your Own Emotional Pain are derived from the Divine Truth teachings.


Introductory information about Divine Truth can be found on the Divine Truth Introduction page.

Divine Truth is defined as the Absolute Truth about everything in the Universe, from God's perspective. Divine Truth explains the way that people can infinitely grow in all of the qualities that God has, such as love, truth, happiness, wisdom and power, and the way in which people can remove from themselves any quality that God does not have, such as sadness, fear, unhappiness, pain and suffering. This infinite growth in God’s qualities is only possible by engaging the “Way” to God, which is the way that God Himself created, and which Divine Truth describes.

Divine Truth explains how each person is a half of one soul, with the physical body and spirit body just appendages through which souls experience the Universe. People can connect to their souls by opening up to their emotions. Everything that happens in our lives, including what physical ailments we get, and the emotional pain that we feel, results from what is happening within our souls. Therefore if people heal a problem in their soul, they will automatically heal the problem in their life.

Divine Truth is not a spiritual teaching that relies on "blind" faith, but rather is based upon facts that are possible to test both personally and scientifically. See here for a short video explaining the nature of Divine Truth.


In addition, Divine Truth describes the experiments people can use in their own lives to discover whether God exists, and the true nature of God.

​In 2008, when I first heard about Divine Truth, I was an atheist, but by engaging the Greatest Experiment of opening my heart to the possibility that there was a God, and asking that potentiality of a God to give me some of His Love, I had a personal experience where I believe that I received God's Love, and from that moment I have felt certain that God exists.


I have been personally experimenting with Divine Truth since 2008. During that time I have had many personal experiences that are in agreement with the teachings, such as healing many physical ailments and emotional issues by addressing the emotional causes of problems, or seeing events automatically change in my life, or my behaviour automatically change in certain situations, after dealing with an emotional issue.


Some of my personal experiences with Divine Truth are described in this YouTube video here:


















In 2012 I ran some preliminary psychological experiments to scientifically investigate some of the information presented in the Divine Truth teachings. The results of those experiments are summarised in the Divine Truth Research page.


Further information about Divine Truth, in terms of the experiments that can be performed to verify whether the teachings are true or not, and detailed information on how to work through the emotional causes of physical pain, can be found on the Divine Truth Introduction and Links pages.