Publications from my academic research career

This is a list of publications that I produced during my research career at universities. Pdfs are available for each publication.

Magazine Articles

1. Faber, E.S.L. (2009) Emotional connection. Australasian Science 30 (4) 25-27 pdf

2. Faber, E.S.L. (2005) How are emotions processed and stored? Australasian Science 26 (9), 21-23 pdf


​Refereed Reviews

1. Faber, E.S.L. (2009) Functions and modulation of neuronal SK Channels. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics 55, 127-139 pdf

2. Faber, E.S.L. & Sah, P. (2007) Functions of SK channels in central neurons. Clinical and Experimental Physiology and Pharmacology 34, 1077-1083 pdf

3. Sah, P., Faber, E.S.L., Lopez de Armentia, M.  & Power, J.  (2003) The amygdaloid complex: anatomy and physiology. Physiological Reviews 83, 803-834 pdf

4. Faber, E.S.L. & Sah, P. (2003) Calcium activated potassium channels: multiple contributions to neuronal function. The Neuroscientist 9 (3), 181-194 pdf

5. Sah, P. & Faber, E.S.L. (2002) Channels underlying neuronal calcium activated potassium currents. Progress in Neurobiology 66, 345-353 pdf

Referred Book Chapters

Faber, E.S.L. Synaptic plasticity in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex. In Synaptic Plasticity: New Research. 2009. Nova Publishers Ed. Kaiser & Peters pp. 221-268 pdf


Refereed Journal Articles

1. Faber, E.S.L. (2010) Functional interplay between NMDA receptors, SK channels and voltage-gated Ca2+ channels regulates synaptic excitability in the medial prefrontal cortex. J. Physiology, 588.8, 1281-1292 pdf


2. Faber, E.S.L., Delaney, A.J., Power, J.M., Sedlak, P., Crane, J. & Sah, P. (2008) Modulation of SK channel trafficking by beta adrenoceptors enhances excitatory synaptic transmission and plasticity in the amygdala. J. Neuroscience, 28, 10803-10813 pdf


3. Gunnersen, J.M., Kim, M.H., Fuller, S.J., de Silva, M., Britto, J.M., Hammond, V.E., Davies, P.J., Petrou, S., Faber, E.S.L., Sah, P., Tan, S.S. (2007) Sez-6 proteins affect dendritic arborization patterns and excitability of cortical pyramidal neurons. Neuron, 56, 621-639 pdf


4. Faber, E.S.L., Sedlak, P., Vidovic, M. & Sah, P. (2006) Synaptic activation of TRPC channels by metabotropic glutamate receptors in the lateral amygdala. Neuroscience 137, 781-794 pdf


5. Faber, E.S.L., Delaney, A.J. & Sah, P. (2005) SK channels regulate excitatory synaptic transmission and plasticity in the lateral amygdala. Nature Neuroscience 8, 635-641 pdf

​6. Faber, E.S.L. & Sah, P. (2005) Independent roles of calcium and voltage dependent potassium channels in controlling spike frequency adaptation in lateral amygdala pyramidal neurons. Eur. J. Neuroscience 22, 1627-1635 pdf 

7. Faber, E.S.L. & Sah, P. (2004) Opioids inhibit lateral amygdala pyramidal neurons by enhancing a dendritic potassium current. J. Neuroscience 24 (12), 3031-3039 pdf

8. Faber, E.S.L. & Sah, P. (2003) BK channel inactivation contributes to spike broadening during repetitive firing in the rat lateral amygdala. J. Physiology 522.2, 483-497 pdf


9. Faber, E.S.L. & Sah, P. (2002) Physiological role of calcium-activated potassium channels in the rat lateral amygdala J. Neuroscience 22 (5), 1618-1628 pdf


10. Faber, E.S.L., Callister, R.J. & Sah, P. (2001) Morphological and electrophysiological properties of principal neurons in the rat lateral amygdala in vitro. J. Neurophysiology 85, 714-723 pdf

11. Proctor, M.J., Houghton, A.K., Faber, E.S.L., Chizh, B.A., Ornstein, P.L., Lodge, D. & Headley, P.M. (1998) Actions of kainate and AMPA selective glutamate receptor ligands on nociceptive processing in the spinal cord. Neuropharmacology 37 (10-11) 1287-1297 pdf


12. Faber, E.S.L., Chambers, J.P. & Evans, R.H. (1998) Depression of NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic transmission by four alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists on the in vitro rat spinal cord preparation. British Journal of Pharmacology 124, 507-512 pdf

13. Faber, E.S.L., Chambers, J.P. & Evans, R.H. (1998) Selective depression of dorsal root-evoked high threshold synaptic excitation by the selective k opioid receptor agonist enadoline in the neonatal rat hemisected spinal cord in vitro. Neuropharmacology 37 (6) 745-750 pdf


14. Faber, E.S.L., Chambers, J.P., Brugger, F. & Evans, R.H. (1997) Depression of A and C fibre-evoked segmental reflexes by morphine and clonidine in the in vitro spinal cord of the neonatal rat. British Journal of Pharmacology 120, 1390-1396 pdf

15. Faber, E.S.L., Chambers, J.P., Evans, R.H. & Henderson, G. (1996) Depression of the glutamatergic transmission by nociceptin in the neonatal rat hemisected spinal cord preparation in vitro. British Journal of Pharmacology 119, 189-190 pdf


16. Marston, H.M., Faber, E.S.L., Crawford, J.H., Butcher, S.P. & Sharkey, J. (1995) Behavioural assessment of endothelin-1 induced middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat. Neuroreport 6 (7), 1067-1071 pdf