About me

​I'm a scientist with a passion for discovering the truth about ourselves, the truth about the universe we live in, and the truth about God.


I was involved in university research into neuroscience, physiology and pharmacology for almost 20 years. You can find details of the findings of my academic research career here.


I studied pharmacology, majoring in neuropharmacology, which is the study of how drugs affect the brain and nervous system, at Edinburgh University in the UK where I was awarded a B.Sc. (Hons) in 1994.


My Ph.D. was carried out in the Pharmacology Department at the University of Bristol, in the UK, and focused on mechanisms of pain treatments in the spinal cord. I completed this in 1998.


After my Ph.D. I moved from the UK to Australia, and for most of the rest of my academic career I studied the parts of the brain involved in mediating emotions and emotional memory formation.


This was firstly as a post-doctoral fellow at the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University in Canberra, followed by a move in 2003 to Brisbane, to be part of the Queensland Brain Institute, at the University of Queensland, where I became a faculty member, from 2006 to 2010.


I spent 2009-2010 investigating the effects of spiritual practices, such as prayer and meditation, on the human brain, using brain imaging techniques (fMRI) and electrical recordings (EEG). The results from some of those experiments can be found here.


I took a break my university career from 2011-2013. 


Since 2014 I have been employed as a casual academic at the University of Queensland, where I teach physiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, genetics, cell biology, statistics, anatomy, chemistry and psychology, and I also give private science and maths tuition.


I spend the rest of my time researching background information to the material that is available on this website, running research projects investigating the link between emotions and health (see here), and the scientific evidence for spiritual phenomena, looking after my semi self sufficient 40 acre property in the country, and playing tennis and music.


Since 2008 I have been investigating the soul, and the link between the soul and our physical health. During these investigations I had experiences that radically changed my belief systems, and I went from being an atheist to believing in God.


In addition I have studied and practiced yoga, Chinese medicine and Chi Gung, and became a qualified Yoga Chi Gung teacher in 2009.


I have found through my own personal experiences, together with investigation of large amounts of medical and scientific evidence, that our suppressed negative emotions create ​our health problems.

By using the approach outlined in my two ebooks I have gone from a life of quite poor health, experiencing one physical problem after another for my entire adult life, to curing almost all of my physical ailments, including chronic problems such as hay fever, as well as chronic anxiety.

My personal experiences discovering the emotional causes to physical ailments, together with a description of the scientific and medical evidence that proves that emotions negatively affect our health, are described in a two hour seminar here​.

My resources page and blog gives information about many of the books, videos and websites that are an inspiration to me and provide scientific evidence for spiritual matters.

Luli Faber