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About Heal Your Own Pain
  • "Heal Your Own Pain" is a free program designed to show you how to cure your own physical pain.

  • It explains how all physical pain is created by the suppression of negative emotions within us.

  • It outlines the ways in which we deny our negative emotions.

  • It provides tools and exercises that can be used to help identify the denied negative emotions that create our physical pain.

  • It describes how to go through the process of experiencing and releasing our negative emotions, thereby healing our physical pain without the need for medication.

  • This program is not restricted to healing pain - it can be used to cure any physical ailment.

About Heal Your Own Emotional Pain
  • "Heal Your Own Emotional Pain" is a free book designed to show you how to cure emotional pain, such as anxiety and depression.

  • It explains the science behind anxiety and depression, and the limitations of current behavioural and drug treatments.

  • It provides a solution to these limitations, by addressing the cause of our emotional pain.

  • It explains how all of our emotional pain is caused by the supression of negative emotions.

  • It gives a step by step guide to how to work through the layers of negative emotions within us to permanently cure anxiety or depression.

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